Sunday, September 17, 2006

Handprints :)

I know this isn't my normal type of post, but here goes. Along with sorority girls and just spanking in general, i LOVE hand print pictures. I simply love seeing a single bright red hand on someone's beautiful bum, so, with that in mind, here are a couple:

1. pretty girl who just received more of a hip smack.

2. Another pretty girl who received a full on print :)

3. Please please don't laugh, but this is me putting my money where my mouth is. Yes, my chica smacked my bum kinda hard, leaving a huge print.

4. Hot friend of mine after she begged her bf for a spanking. He wholeheartedly obliged..

first smack

....and the ones that followed.

I'm currently taking more pictures to feature here. Submissions will be accepted with open arms. I'm hoping i can have more of an update next time, but i would like to feature pictures that have not been seen before, so if anyone out there wants to show off a fine bum or is especially proud of a spank, please submit to


Blogger Lily said...


Great photos - very brave to put your own bottom on show. Looks like it really stung.

Take care,



6:00 AM  
Blogger paqster said...

...stung quite a bit, thanks :)

7:11 PM  

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