Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I love smiles :)

This chica is about to be whacked with a board that large and she is just smiiiiilllinnngggg about it... I secretly think she is a spanko...like all girls

once again...girl about to be smacked with a very large wooden object and what does she do? SMILES!! further proof...i'm convinced...all girls are spankos.

And this girl is just smiling bc she is proud of showing off her goods to a guy willing and able to whack her...Does she fear the pain? no, she smiles at it...

Convincing evidence...Girls=spankos. I think it's bc of the luscious bottoms that are bestowed upon women.


Blogger Lily said...

I'm all smiles when the spanking starts - not always so many smiles at the end though.

Take care,



1:42 PM  
Blogger paqster said...

ohhh, cmon, i know you smile when you finally get relief..."WHEW!!! I'm so glad that's over..WAIT..WAIT..NO MORE"


2:51 AM  

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