Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just some updating, shoutouts, etc :)

First off...Wow, i got comments :) woohooo. I don't think anything on a blog is more rewarding than knowing i have people reading or looking. Thanks everyone :) Please feel free to comment anytime :)

Second up: Katie Spades. Seriously, if you love your spanking content, this girl has it going on. She has become one of my favorite models and she takes a serious punishment to boot... check her out at

just a sample:

Seriously, her recounts of her punishments just make me jealous. I think i want to be her pillow when i'm reincarnated :) j/k. The other amazing thing is that she is very sweet to talk to and actually acknowledges her fans. I think that puts her in a class above most.

3rd up... I have searched high and low bc i just could not believe that EVERY girl enjoys a good spanking...and sadly..i think i'm wrong. out of hundreds of pictures, these are the only few i can find that show even a bit of distress...and i'm sure they were just sad that they knew the spanking was about to end. i know how the game is played..."Oh, please don't...stop spanking me" Women can be so coy. Honestly, i think i looked through my whole collection of pics and other than pro sites, i can find just these 2 and maybe a couple more 'questionably' unhappy spankees...but i gotta say, even if I can find 10, that's 10 unhappy spankees compared to 1000 happy spankees...When did women start enjoying paddlings, spankings, and simply baring the bottom so much? Gah, i wish this was the norm when i was in highschool or college...the mere mention of the word spanking brought about blushing cheeks and moans of 'oh no, not a spanking"....ya know...maybe i was misinterpreting....HmmmJust something i think about all too often.

Happy spanking...and come to think of it, i think the last girl here just looks upset bc she almost spilled her drinks...


Blogger Katie_Spades said...

Wow Adam, I feel honored and am very appreciative of this blog. I am flattered, really! It is great and I thank you very much. Is it okay if I mention it in the yahoo group and blog with a link to the post?

Thanks again hun!

I loved it!


11:19 PM  
Blogger paqster said...

of course you can :)

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found some more:

12:59 AM  

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